Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide remains one of the most effective ways to oxidize contaminants in water for the cost. It leaves behind few if any objectionable byproducts in the water after oxidization has occurred. It is odourless, and in fact effectively removes bad odours from the water, ie: rotten egg, mould, etc.

hydrogen peroxide

It also adds oxygen to the water supply that can be of benefit to the livestock that consume the water. There have been many public testimonials to this effect, and we have also heard of a variety of positive results with many different types of livestock when using hydrogen peroxide from our existing customers. It definitely keeps piping systems cleaner and reduces biofilm which can be a benefit depending on your particular situation.

Stenner chemical pump

Although it is a very good oxidizer, it is only a part of a system to remove contaminants from a water supply. Proper filtration must also be considered when using hydrogen peroxide or any other oxidizer. There are many different filtration medias available today and getting the proper result will only be achieved by considering the specific needs of each individual site.

For example, to ensure that the proper system is in place and will work for many years we:

By developing an overall profile we can accurately build a system that will not only meet current needs but future needs as well. This often results in a less expensive system because we are not overcompensating for potential unknowns.