About Us

ARC Water has been faithfully serving its customers since 1989

Damon Kipp has been in the water treatment business since 1987.

Because we are independently owned, we are able to build systems that actually fit the needs of our customers. We do not use pre-packaged equipment, but look at each individual need and design systems that fit. We currently draw from more than a dozen different manufacturers to insure that the equipment we use for you is what you actually need. We don’t try to fit you into a mold – we make a mold for you.

Because of Damon’s past experience in the industry working for distributors and manufacturers of water treatment equipment, he has been factory trained on many different makes and models. This allows us to offer only the equipment that is right for your particular situation. We have found that customizing the equipment to fit the water supply can dramatically extend its lifespan and give you the expected results with a minimum of service and interruptions.

In short – being involved in this industry for many years has allowed us to time test equipment and pick only the best manufacturers that actually live up to the needs of our customers and give long uninterrupted use.

In addition to residential systems, we also specialize in farm water challenges. As farms tend to get larger and profit margins get tighter, we are able to help. Water, while often overlooked, can have a dramatic effect on many of the challenges faced on today’s modern farm. A relatively small investment can produce dramatic results by improving feed conversion, and overall profitability, often in ways we don’t see at first.

We have become very diversified in our water treatment practices. We offer a wide range of equipment & treatment alternatives – and the experience and knowledge to back them up.